Help Technical Requirements


Some courses may have their own minimum requirements. Please check the individual course's description and purchase terms for specifics. recommends using the following settings to maximize your eLearning experience. Student and administrator hardware should meet the following recommended minimum requirements:

Minimum Computer Requirements

Connection Broadband/T1/Cable/DSL/Fiber etc.
Operating System

At least Windows 7+, Mac OSX 10.6+

Coming Soon - iOS 6.0+, Android 4.3+ 

Processor Speed 1+ GHz Pentium or equivalent
Web Browser

 Internet Explorer 9+, Chrome (Recommended), Firefox

*Onlineaha courses are not compatible with the Edge browser.*

How to use Enterprise Mode with Microsoft Edge

Coming Soon - Mobile Safari, Mobile Chrome

Plug-Ins Flash 10 or above
Speakers/Headphones Recommended
Soundcard Recommended


Flash Macromedia Flash (latest version) - Available for free at
QuickTime QuickTime Plugin (4.0 or above) - If Quicktime is your preference, you can download the latest version at
Adobe Acrobat Adobe Acrobat Reader (latest version) – Available for free at

Troubleshooting Tips