The American Heart Association offers multiple course formats depending on the course content.

Courses that only involve cognitive learning can be completed 100% online. For courses that contain psychomotor skills such as CPR, students must also complete a Hands-On in-person "skills session" after the online eLearning portion of the course.

Online: eLearning Course "Keys"

All OnlineAHA eLearning courses begin with a course key, which is a 12-digit or 9-digit alphanumeric code used to access purchased courses. A course key may be purchased directly by individuals, or Training Centers and employers may purchase and distribute course keys to students who will complete training.

Hands-On Portion: Skills Sessions for In-Person Practice and Testing

For American Heart Association courses that include psychomotor skills such as CPR, students must complete an in-person skills practice and testing session to obtain an AHA course completion card. With AHA Blended Learning, the skills practice and skills test are taken together during a Hands-on Skills Session after the student completes the eLearning portion online.

Skills Sessions are conducted by authorized AHA Instructors, or, in the case of HeartCode® courses, students can conduct the in-person skills practice and testing on a voice-assisted Manikin (VAM). The VAM serves as the Instructor and precisely measures the learner’s proper execution of the necessary psychomotor skills.

Locate a Skills Session

Hands-On Skills Sessions are not included with the purchase of an online course key. Students can locate an AHA Training Center offering Skills Sessions by using the Find a Course tool or ECC Global Connector. They then can schedule and purchase a Hands-On Skills Session from the Training Center they choose.


For admission into a skills session, students must present their Certificate of Completion for the online portion of the course to the AHA Instructor.

Students - Print your Certificate

After you complete an OnlineAHA eLearning course you can print your certificate.

  1. Visit My eLearning
  2. Select Print Certificate under your Completed Courses

Training Centers - Verify a Certificate

Before a student begins a skills session, the AHA Instructor should confirm that the student successfully completed Part 1 online.