Skills Sessions

About Skills Sessions, Parts 2 & 3

A skills session is the hands-on portion of an AHA eLearning course and includes Parts 2 and 3 — skills practice and testing. It is conducted in-person after a student completes Part 1 online.
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Depending on the course, skills sessions are conducted by AHA BLS, ACLS, PALS, or Heartsaver® Instructors. For HeartCode® system courses, the student may be able to practice and test on a Voice-Assisted Manikin (VAM) system, if that option is offered.

For more information on how skills sessions are conducted, view this webcast. Watch Webcast

Locate a Skills Session

Skills sessions are not included with the purchase of an online (Part 1) course key. Students can locate an AHA Training Center that offers skills sessions by using the Find a Course. They then can schedule and purchase a skills session from the Training Center they choose.

For admission into a skills session, students must present their Part 1 Certificate of Completion to the AHA Instructor.


Students — Print your Certificate

After you complete an OnlineAHA course you can print your certificate.

  1. Log in to your OnlineAHA account
  2. Click My Courses
  3. Select Print Certificate under your Completed Courses

Training Centers — Verify a Certificate

Before a student begins a skills session, the AHA Instructor should confirm that the student successfully completed Part 1 online.

Click here to Verify a Certificate.