DVD-Based Learning Programs

DVD-based courses for Students

The American Heart Association has several DVD-based eLearning products that students can use with their home computer or DVD player to learn lifesaving CPR skills.

Family & Friends® CPR Anytime®

  • Product 80-1066
  • $34.95 USD

A convenient, fast—even fun—way for anyone to learn lifesaving CPR skills in just 22 minutes. This course is designed for reaching audiences who want to learn lifesaving CPR skills in the comfort of home or community setting. This course does not offer a CPR card.

Infant CPR Anytime®

  • Product 80-1403 light skin, 80-1420 dark skin
  • $34.95 USD

Infant CPR Anytime is designed to teach the core skills of infant CPR and relief of choking in just 22 minutes. Developed in coordination with the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), the all-in-one Infant CPR Anytime kit contains everything needed to learn infant CPR and relief of choking.

HeartCode® PALS Part 1 CD

  • Product 80-1524
  • $105.00 USD

This CD-ROM based course for healthcare providers uses eSimulation technology to present 12 realistic, hospital-based, pediatric patient cases that teach students to evaluate and manage seriously ill infants and children.

Purchase Information

These courses are not available for purchase on OnlineAHA.org. To order these self-directed courses, simply call:

  • Channing Bete: 800-611-6083
  • Laerdal: 888-562-4242
  • WorldPoint: 888-322-8350